Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance
February 12, 2015 UcheOfodile
In Lead, Success

The weekend is coming up.

What do you plan to do? Work life balance is really important and sometimes it’s the small choices we make that can make a difference. I find that people who have balanced lives make better employees. I once worked with a woman who left the office every day at 6pm. She was very accomplished and extremely hardworking and 6pm was non-negotiable. She needed to be home with her family. I also worked for a man who would absolutely not check his email when he was on vacation with his family. Me? I find that I really treasure my weekends and I don’t give them up easily. It gives me time for my family and loved ones and most importantly time to switch off (well not completely.

There are no medals for staying in the office till midnight and definitely no awards for not taking your vacation during the year….Do you feel you have work life balance?

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